Let me introduce the company and what you can expect from me !

My name is Wayne Pettit, I am an English plumber, I was an established self-employed plumbing and heating engineer in the UK registered with C.O.R.G.I. (Council of Registered Gas Installers) and also with the Institute of Plumbers.

Why did I come here to work if I had a good business in the UK?

I moved here as my wife got a job in Brussels and we both enjoyed the idea of living centrally in Europe. I am fully registered here with the Belgian authorities for working with plumbing and gas. I pride myself on giving the customer service that I would like to receive. I give a high priority to punctuality and having a clear pricing policy.

Doing my part to help the environment!!

Where possible, I will come to your property for quotes via e-bike.

It makes sense that I try to reduce the vehicles on the road and therefore reduce emissions.

For me, it goes hand in hand with the types of installations that I carry out such as installing rain water recuperation systems, highly efficient gas heating boilers with low energy radiators, using pre‑insulated pipes and sending old materials for professional recycling.

I also install the latest technology in water softening that uses a lot less water during the system re‑generation.

So the e-bike is another way in which I can help the environment and “do my bit”.